Meet Scott Maybaum: The Man Behind the Profanity Life Brand

scott maybaum: the man behind the profanity life brand

 12/19/2023 2:23:38 PM     By Kim Renta    What's New    Comments

Scott Maybaum, the visionary behind the trailblazing Good Fucking Wine brand and its parent company Profanity Life, is a maverick in the wine and spirits world. With an unapologetic passion for pushing boundaries, Scott set out to redefine the wine industry.

Scott's philosophy is simple: wine should be an experience, a celebration of life's vibrant moments, and it should never take itself too seriously. That philosophy is palpable in every bottle bearing the Good Fucking Wine or Profanity label. From the choice of grape varietals and blending processes, to the micro-distilled vodka, tequila, and bourbon, Scott delivers dangerously drinkable wines and spirits, with memorably edgy labels, that overdeliver on taste and quality.

With an irreverent spirit and an unwavering commitment to quality, Scott Maybaum has carved a name for himself in the wine and spirits industry as someone who fearlessly challenges convention, inviting wine and spirits enthusiasts to embrace the unexpected and savor the extraordinary. Profanity Life is not merely a brand; it's the embodiment of Scott's zest for life, poured into every glass.

What began with a single red wine blend from California, has evolved to a full lineup of wines and spirits under the ‘Good Fucking’ brand, and new trio of Australian wines with the Profanity label; but, Scott isn’t finished yet. He is constantly experimenting and expanding the Profanity Life brand with new additions that embrace the edginess of the original and appeal to open-minded drinkers.

Does that sound like you? Then you’ve found your fucking brand. Stay tuned, because Scott is just getting started. 

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