We’re guessing you’re just a bit curious… with a name as memorable as ours, how can you not be? But Good Fucking Brands is way more than just a pretty name…

Back in 2019, a group of wine industry pros decided that what the world needed was some wine that was long on taste, but short on bullshit.

We’ve spent years listening to customers and hearing what it is that people actually want to drink. Not the critics. Not the snooty reviewers, but actual people. Like you.

Working with top wine producers, we hand selected grape varietals, and then we blended and blended until we were blown away with the results: Good Fucking approachable wines at a Good Fucking affordable price. Right then and there we chose our name and promised ourselves that whatever we produce will have to impress the shit out of you in order to carry our name.

Our customers couldn’t get enough. So we gave them more. Expanding our initial wine assortment to include a sparkling wine: Good Fucking Bubbles and then moving into spirits with the launch of Good Fucking Vodka and Good Fucking Bourbon.

Our customers love our products and they love us… because we’re just like them. Good Fucking Brands is about fun! It’s about the joy you get when you’re sharing a bottle with your friends, or about giving a gift that says as much about you as it does about the person you’re gifting. And, it’s about understanding that a fun wine and spirits brand does not mean the products inside the bottles can't be seriously good, too. Because they are. Every fucking one of them.

We can go on and on but you get it…… We think that wine and spirits are all about what you like, what you appreciate, and what makes you happy. If you agree, you’ve found your perfect brand! Welcome to our fucking world.

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Good Fucking Brands © 2024 Powered By