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beyond the label: helen bird, the visionary artist behind profanity

 1/9/2024 11:45:51 AM     By Kim Renta    What's New    Comments

It’s a long and winding road from a pediatric oncology nurse in the UK, to creating the iconic label for an innovative wine from Australia, but it’s exactly the path taken by Austin-based artist, Helen Bird. 

After spending three decades in nursing, both in her native England and as a travel nurse in the USA, Helen faced burnout ten years ago and decided to embark on a new chapter of life. Her decision to step into the realm of art marked the beginning of a newfound passion and purpose.

Her first creative love was photography. Helen’s journey began with old-school 35mm film and darkroom development, along with digital photography. With a keen eye and profound understanding of visual aesthetics, her creativity morphed to the intricate world of ink drawing, where vibrant colors and imaginative landscapes come to life on the canvas.

As her evolution as an artist continues, Helen has even ventured into the world of self-publishing. “Inksanity I,” “Inksanity II,” and “Inksanity the Third” are available on amazon.com and provide a glimpse into the colorful and dynamic journey that defines Helen's body of work.

Helen’s collaboration with Profanity Life emerged after brand owner, Scott Maybaum, came across her art and thought she had what it took to bring his vision for his new wine line to life.

It’s a brand that embraces freedom and creative speech, and puts a spotlight on the hypocrisy of censorship. The innovative “pen and ink style” screaming mouth stands as a fusion of art and viticulture, with a not-so-subtle nod to free speech. The labels, true to the artist's signature style, transcend the conventional, making each bottle a work of art that tells a story and invites wine enthusiasts to experience a visual journey along with the tasting experience.

The next time you raise a glass of Profanity wine, don’t forget to  toast the artist who turned burnout into brilliance, and transformed a career into a canvas of endless possibilities. Cheers to you, Helen Bird! 

Click here to view more of Helen’s work.

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